Who We Are

Hello everyone, our names are Jason Miller & Frank Esposito, and we are the owners of Pure Air HVAC, LLC.. We are a proud family/veteran owned and operated business, who takes pride in all their work. We've been designing, installing, and servicing heating and cooling equipment for over 17 years. Our goal at Pure Air is to make every AC and furnace operate as efficiently and safely as the day it was installed. We have the knowledge and expertise to make an older system run better, and we still service and repair the AC systems that use Freon/R-22, which most companies no longer offer. If your system no longer provides you with dependable operation, we can design and install the best HVAC system at the best price, hands down. Our complete system replacement comes with a 10 year warranty and a free programmable thermostat. This includes your furnace as well as your outside AC unit. Some people say you can't have a quality system installed at a fair price but that is wrong because we've been doing it for years now! If you would like a FREE quote on repairing or replacing your system, give us a call!